• ‘’I must applaud this all female repairs company.Not only do I think that the idea behind the company of finally giving women equal opportunities in the workplace is brilliant, but I have used this company on several occasions and I think that their work is brilliant too!They are always on time, they always fill me in on the latest updates, they always have reasonable prices and always produce outstanding results. Go female empowerment!You women are phenomenal and so is your work!’’ – Annie, Boksburg.
  • ‘’Do you know how refreshing it is to have a company like yours that exists! I am a single mother of two adorable children,who is constantly on the go , whether it’s work, fetching my kids from school or helping them with their homework, I am always busy.One thing that I have absolutely no clue about is repairs so when something in my home breaks, I fall apart.It can be scary sometimes having construction men around just myself and my two small children ,that I always have to stay alert and keep my guard up. There were times when construction men would try make moves on me in my own home while doing some work and their have also been times when men think I am an idiot just because I am female and have charged me the most ridiculous prices because they think that they can get away with it. I stumbled upon your business by chance one day while scrolling through social media and I was so excited to see an all women’s business and one that has use to me. The other day my garage door wouldn’t close and I am terrified about the safety of my children as well as my own in this crime riddled country, so I gave your twenty four hour line a call and presto!Your team arrived shortly after and they were friendly and informative and I felt so safe.I will continue to use your company whenever I need repairs”. – Dianna, Glenhazel.