Garage Door Problems

All types of garage doors such as residential and industrial garage doors can experiences a problem or two from time to time, even with regular maintenance done.

Some problems are very common and can be solved easily and other problems can be abnormal.  Some problems are simple enough to be able to fix all by yourself whilst other problems need the assistance of professionals.

A professional can definitely fix the problem way faster and easier than someone who has never fixed a garage door before, so if you are feeling unsure or are feeling absolutely clueless about what to do or just simply don’t have the patience, rather call a professional for help. Some of the more normal problems that can be fixed by yourself are listed below:

  • Having dead batteries on your transmitter- If your batteries are dead your garage door will not be able to open. The transmitter is what helps in the process of getting the garage door to open. Perhaps the batteries in your remote need changing or the batteries in your transmitter need changing. Just open the device up and put in some new batteries, that can be bought at most shops.
  • Photocell eyes not working- If your garage door opens perfectly but doesn’t close once you have clicked your remote , it might be from the photocells being dirty. If the photocells are filthy, it stops the light from going through . Clean the eyes in a very delicate manner making sure not to scratch the device.
  • Having a broken spring- If your motor and transmitter are perfectly fine but your garage door is still not opening, then it could be that your springs are busted. If you hear a loud noise like a crash when the door tries to open then it’s for sure the springs. This is a job for a professional who has had proper training.