Garage Door Maintenance Pointers

Normally the first thing a person notices when entering someone’s property is their garage door or doors.  We almost always want our homes to look friendly, inviting and beautiful, like a place someone would want to enter and not a place that people look at with disgust. It is highly noticeable to people when your garage door isn’t functioning properly ,makes a loud racket or looks beat up and run down. Having a tatty looking garage door can also decrease the value of your property.

Your garage provides shelter and safety for your vehicle. It protects your vehicle from strong weather conditions such as hail or snow.

Here are a few pointers to help you out when doing maintenance work on your garage door:

  1. Always be aware of the outside of your garage door- The outer side of the garage door is exposed to weather conditions such as heat and cold, rain, snow, hail. It may have dents in it or scratches on it they need to be repaired. Perhaps the dent that was caused by a car bumping into it slightly needs to be knocked back out, or maybe there is a scratch or two that can be covered with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe the door needs to be varnished again. You always want your door to look brand spanking new.
  2. Reducing friction counts- by using lubrication to avoid friction on the parts that move of your garage door can avoid problems and protect the parts from rusting.
  3. Keep everything tight- Always make sure that the screws, nuts and bolts are always secure. Whenever your door opens and closes it causes movement with the nuts, screws and bolts making them looser and looser until they could potentially pop off. In order to prevent that from happening give them a good tightening once every so often.