• How do I know when there is something wrong with my garage door?

You know it might be time to call an expert for help with your garage door if some of the following happen:

  1. The motor suddenly becomes noisy.
  2. The door only opens halfway.
  3. The door comes down on its own.
  4. Your motor light is flashing.
  5. The door has come off the railing.
  6. Nothing happens to your garage door when you press the button on your garage door remote.
  • My garage door won’t open at all! What can I do?

Sometimes garage doors do not open due to a spring being broken. If you have an electric opener, see if you are able to disconnect the opener and pull the emergency lever and it should release the garage door and you’ll be able to open it manually. Keep in mind that is only a temporary fix and that you should call in experts to get the door working again

  • The door of my garage only goes down a little bit and then goes back up. What seems to be the problem?

Some garage doors have an infrared system installed for safety purposes so that if there is something in the way of the door while it’s trying to close, the system gets alerted , and instead of the door closing down on the object ,it goes up. There might be something in the way of the infrared beam like a spider web that is making the system think that it needs to open again.