About Us

Forty years and going strong is how long our father and son family company has been running for.  A dad who has always been a very quick learner and absorbs information fast and retains it all so well was used by all his family, friends, old colleagues and acquaintances to install, repair, maintain and replace garage doors. Later in life he had a son ,  and this father decided he loved what he did so much,  that he would pass down every little bit of information he had on garage doors to his son,  the moment his son could understand what he was saying.

Over the years the father would teach his son all the skills he had learnt and eventually the son became just as good as his father at everything involving a garage door. When the son was old enough he had the most amazing idea that he knew would thrive – starting a garage door company with his father. Together they have been dubbed as the pros in the garage world.  Their motto is so daring , yet true- ‘’If we can’t fix it ,  no one can’’ – a motto that was earned after years and years of hard work and copious amounts of effort put in to their labour.  We know how useful and important garages can be.

They shelter vehicles and trailers,  they serve as extra space to store items, they can sometimes be the entrance to a home. Having a fully functional garage door is very important , especially safety wise and well as convenience wise.  We offer you round the clock service.  We are open seven days a week to help you.  We also do not charge you extra for any call outs made on the weekend (as we know some companies love to hike up their prices just because it’s the weekend).

Every person in our team and has been taught first had by father and son and has the same expert knowledge about the field.  Contact us for any garage door needs you have ,  from A to Z.